The Fine Art of Right Living! – Part I

Much before the New World was awoken in the New Millennium with the introduction of an all new cliché called ‘inclusive’, with a series of suffixes to it; like Inclusive Growth and stuff like that, the world was already infested with such a great thought! And that brilliant idea came invariably from the land of BHARATH, the land which gave light and hope to the whole world long ago and continues to offer the much needed succor cum wisdom to the teeming Billions of humanity in the New Age as well!

Yes, at a time when there is a sense of exclusivity and individualism prevailing in many parts of the Globe; especially in the modern era, the age-old Indian Concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ serves as the most refreshing cum time tested way of right living. In fact, it must not even be summarily taken in as a fairly nice alternative of human living, but it must be understood as the most comprehensive and an appropriate way of ensuring healthy human living and co-existence and that too in a sustained manner. It is seemingly an Ancient way of living style as one would like to put in the modern parlance, and it; at the same time; fits in very well in the current context also, which alone makes it a truly revealing and a redeeming option for healthy human living.

Actually, the people of Bharath practiced this form of lifestyle and gave it to the world at large when all other human civilizations in diverse parts of this Green Planet were only in the cradle of their civilization as we now know of and call themselves to be. The salient and the significant feature of it is that it takes into account within its core perspective and fold an all encompassing view, which is not confined to just a world view as the modern theorists would love to state; but takes an Universal view as such.

Herein, the Sanskrit catch phrase ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’, epitomizes the Concept of ‘Integral Humanism’ as professed by the Legendary Humanist, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, which is not to be seen as an Indian Thought; but as the Universal one! More so; as it applies not only to the entire humanity spread across all the many Continents of the Globe; but also to all beings in the whole of Creation, both animate and inanimate, which includes virtually everything in this world where we all live in.

That is to say, it is a profound thought which is very much practicable in a life propelled sphere; as in the case of Planet Earth; and must not be narrowly judged with a self centric view point, but always observed from a larger and totally broader perception. That is, a place where we are almost duty bound to take good care of not only the flora and the fauna, but also the other living beings too; including the winged ones and the marine life forms, besides the whole lot of other creatures and insects around us. So, for all practical life related purposes, the timeless Concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ even transcends humanity and goes into the realm of taking ample and due care of the Environment and the overall Ecological System where we all currently exist.

Thus, it is never to be regarded as a meanly built thought which is so structured to benefit Mankind alone; as it encompasses not only the whole of humanity but also goes much beyond that, which is strikingly different from all Western Philosophies !

In this context, it is to be realized that all of us are connected in a way; and we all are subtly networked by the unified Cosmic forces acting upon us both solely and severally, which is a moot point that requires to be emphasised at this vital juncture. Technically, the Concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ borrows and draws a lot of inspiration from the rudimentary truths of Nature and Life that all beings are one, and are to be equally treated, emphasizing more on the Universality concept, to say the least.

And that happens to be the quintessence of the Hindhu Religion or Sanathana Dharma’, whereby all beings, both animate and inanimate are recognized equally, especially the total gamut of creation, including vegetal and minerals, to put it in perspective.

Aside that, this Universal concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ is literally an Upanishadic Dictum or Thought, which invariably fosters Universal Brotherhood not only amongst the human race; but engulfs the whole of creation as such, which is the need of the hour. Indeed, this amazing way of thinking is derived from the Upanishadic injunctions and sermons which are absolutely ageless in nature and is very much relevant to the Contemporary times as well, that is tension filled and friction ridden cum conflict intense !

Hence, in practical terms, this concept can very well serve as a good antidote to such a stress driven cum insecurity led human societies the world over, more so as it is conceived to harmonise the delicate and fragile balance of life and eco system combine !

To sum it up, it is just not to be regarded as just another revolutionary human thought but a fairly practical idea whose time has come, more specifically when are in the cusp of a major change happening in the overall turf in human living and understanding !

And this is all the more true when the modern day humans, more particularly the so-called well educated and urban centric ‘homo sapiens’ are faced with the piquant situation cum probability of encountering the Greatest Economic Depression anytime from now !


Ramesh N

The author of this write-up (N Ramesh) is a Chennai based Management Adviser, Trainer and a Healer who can be contacted at - who invites and openly welcomes constructive criticisms and creative suggestions in order to make this Article even more robust !

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