What made US to vote for Trump

What made US to vote for Donald J. Trump! he American elections started with Hillary Clinton as the favorite and people all over the world believed so. Trump in fact faced resistance within his own party and as time progressed things stated changing.

The entire election campaign seemed like Indian election, mud slinging on each other, corruption charges, etc. This was reason for people rejecting Hillary? I believe NO.

Both the parties spoke about their plans, foreign policy. etc. Did the American voters thought Trump’s policy will be effective? I believe this is not the reason. Majority of those who voted Trump, I am sure, would not have even cared to listen to his policies.

Then what could be the reason! Simple. It is the local economy. It is the need of the individual. It is the bank balance of the individual.

People across the world are first of all humans. In god’s creation humans are selfish.. yes selfish! The degree of selfishness is a different topic to debate, but selfishness is a must. This maya world is running because of this.

The entire world is going through a rough and tough economic scenario and the United States, which propagated the so called economic liberalisation & globalisation. it self is going through a very bad time. That is where Trump scored. I believe.

Washington post reported the employment crisis as one reason for Trumps victory. New york times says it is the socialist approach of Trump that made the difference.

This clearly indicates two things. One people, whether US or India or elsewhere, are not worried about corruption or any other issue as long as they feel their basic needs are getting fulfilled. In my opinion, this is a great lesson, which all our politicians and economists to learn. The present economic model can not help any more. Each and every country has a unique need and based on their culture, population, habits, etc. It is absolutely essential for every country to follow their own model of economic policies not the one presently in force. The common man is not worried about the percentage statistics and power point presentation. The secret is the price, inflation, job opportunities, bank balance of the individual, etc. These are directly visible & sensed by the individual. In addition to this the power, infrastructure, roads, general cleanliness which are also visible. The statistics kind of stuff will not help, when the prices are increasing. If the inflation is under check, and the people are some what happy, then they are keen on listening all those statistical stuff for they want to talk of something while on a hangout.

Secondly it is the economic prosperity and real market economy. The present globalisation and the so called free market economy has not resulted in benefiting the people at large. In fact in my opinion at present there is no real free market economy any where in the world. What is there is only cartalism, exploitation, etc. That means we need to develop a long term self sustainable model which can benefit the entire society, give economic prosperity, which alone can give political stability.

Coming back to Trump, I believe, American people are fed up with the economic policies and the recession hit americans have voted trump as he promised change. But the globalisation can not be reversed and isolation will not bring prosperity. What else can be done? The way out is to have proper mixture of local cum out sourcing model. It is tricky. It is difficult. But possible. Not only US, India too need to follow it.

With the past 6 months of ‘Trumppetting, I would say, it is too premature to decide on anything. Trump might have said something changed it again changed like that….. But that was during the campaign. As President of one of the largest economy, I am sure, he would think thrice before talking and he would get quality advice.

Trump, as President would be different. That is what I expect. Let us see how things progress.

The bottom line is – the need of the individual voter decided the US Election. That’s it. 

Politicians in India. Beware!

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