Good Governance and the Prime Minister

Sri Modi is not just an honest and good citizen. He is also a shrewd and bold citizen. Bharath is fortunate that he is the Prime Minister when most needed.

There are bad politicians who have amassed wealth as we all know. With all the ‘wrong’ money at their disposal they will go all out to thwart the good and honest moves by good government. It is the sole intention of the bad politicians that for their survival and to protect their ill-gotten wealth they will look to all corners for help and sabotage

They have at their side bad bureaucrats, wicked government officials, bad CBI officers, cunning lawyers and judges and dishonest businessmen. Money in the form of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes flows in their corridors in abundance. But this entire clan will not exceed 50-60 lakh people out of the population of 130 crores of Indians. This works out to 0.5%. This miniscule 0.5%, because of the power-hunger and greed, spoils the welfare of the entire population of the country by sowing the seeds of doubt about any good proposal by an honest government

All of us know India is surrounded by two wicked countries Pakistan and China who will put stumbling blocks in the form of terrorism, counterfeit currency, disputes over land and internal disturbance to prevent India becoming a continental power

This government is thinking hard to neutralise these effects both internal due to bad politicians and external due to terrorism and counterfeit currency. The recent events like ‘surgical strikes’, demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, mopping up black money through judicial pardons and striking the ‘Gold accounts’ to unearth colour money show that the present government means business and looking for positive results at the end of the day

Let us bend down to our knees and pray God in any form that during the tenure of the present government the villains are booked, terrorists are neutralised, culprits and corrupt are sent to jail.

Vande’ Maatharam

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