The Fine Art of Right Living! – Part II

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The Concept of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ is decisively Life Neutral, and establishes Life Neutrality in a subtle way and secures all the various life forms around the world of ours and indirectly proclaims to protect and safeguard Nature in general.

And it is in this context, this doctrine of the Hindu Dharma stands out tall and clearly away from the other ordinary Religions of the world, especially the Abrahamic ones, more so as the whole ecology in particular is sought to be protected; for sure, forever !

It (Vasudeva Kutumbakam) radically Universalises Life in all forms and has a holistic outlook on all issues that concerns life as such, and that alone remains the main focus of good Governance as well, when seen from the core Political dimension and angularity.

So, when seen with the Political lens, it must not be merely understood as just one more Political Thought, as it not only provides a world view of the Ideology that Man needs to pursue in Life, but also serves as the right approach towards proper Governance.

Thus, it even serves as a laudable alternative amongst a varied spectrum of Political ideologies we are confronted with in the present times, being the most natural (if not purely Divine Propitiated !) of all the various humanist thoughts that are familiar to us !

It echoes the prime need for having a wholesome perspective on what really constitutes the Principles of Efficient Governance in a Welfare State as practiced in India and also as enshrined in our own Constitution when India became a Republic in the year 1951.

Herein, it needs to be reiterated that in the culture propagated by Sanathana Dharma, there is not much of Rights to be demanded; but only Duties to be performed, which alone makes it a cut well above the rest of the ideologies the other side of the world follows.

Actually, there is no scope for a Charter of Demands or Rights to be exercised, but on a fair list of Duties and Responsibilities to be undertaken and fulfilled by one and all during the course of one’s life time, unlike all other modern, Western Cultures and practices !

It is a classy culture, which has fewer or no parallels in any part of the world whereby the Duties overrides the Rights and that alone paves the way for peace and harmony cum amity in the societies which can follow it to the hilt and in their Political discourse too.

In fact, it must not at all be considered as one other option among the plethora of Political hues, viz., Capitalism and Communism or for that matter Socialism and the like, including Liberalism and Globalism, to state the bare minimum at this crucial span of time.

Perhaps, when critically examined the Fundamental tenets of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ may resemble the purport of the modern Economic Concept of Globalisation in the domain of Political Governance, and may even appear to be a shortened version of that !

But actually it (Vasudeva Kutumbakam) goes much beyond that skewed and short sighted proposition and gets into the plane of Universalisation which no other culture and human civilization can possibly offer except from our side of the world called Bharat !

May be it must be construed and consumed by the people of this world as a solid and sound concept that is timeless, as it is no doubt interlaced with no underpinnings and no missionary ideologies to be adapted and adopted by those who embrace it.

Further, there is absolutely no need to follow all the dictates of the Hindhu Dharma even though it is strongly recommended, to practice what is prescribed or proscribed and what is intended to be performed and not done as per its edicts and prescriptions.

More so because it presents itself, leave alone succinctly suggested, in the modern times as the most egalitarian of all the various doctrines mankind has been so far exposed to, and has little or no parallel to be compared with from any other part of the world.

Actually, there is not even an element of fettering fused into it, and there is only tolerance that is ingrained into the operative part of this ‘Fine Way of Right Living’ which has its grand roots to the very ethos of India as a land of peace and universal harmony !

And incidentally, this all inclusive system or methodology of human living in relative comfort and total harmony with one another is not at all a conversion tool and involves no indoctrinisation either and is neither dogmatic or ritual driven, to put it straight.

Interestingly, it is so open ended that it does not at all come with any sort of traditional baggage or heritage to be adopted or for that matter any ritualistic practices or customs to be followed, leave alone indirect thrusting of any particular culture either.

It is all about being themselves, irrespective and notwithstanding any of the differences each such society may have amongst themselves and yet invariably finding common ground for a seamlessly healthy living and co-existence, hopefully forever !

And finally, to sum it up, it is not at all a provocative thought process, which has been directed to instigate other human beings and turn out to be grossly disruptive in nature when applied to any human society in the world, but is a highly evolved and lofty ideal.

In other words, the cardinal moorings of ’Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ is worth pursuing as it represents and reflects a heightened level of human thinking at its best, with a wide range of incisive inputs and insights which only needs to be adopted by one and all.

Incidentally, this is the essence of the loud thinking as ingrained and embraced in the contribution of the Great Philosopher and Political Thinker of the previous Century Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, which are well loaded with key doctrines for better human living.

In short, this Ancient Thought of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakam’ from the primordial land of Bharath edges past the confines of Nationalism and goes onto the domain of Internationalism where alone the principles of ‘Integral Humanism’ have to be played out from now on !!


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Ramesh N

The author of this write-up (N Ramesh) is a Chennai based Management Adviser, Trainer and a Healer who can be contacted at - who invites and openly welcomes constructive criticisms and creative suggestions in order to make this Article even more robust !

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