SAARC Minus Pakistan! Part – I

No family, however great and noble it may be, is happy with an unruly and a wily sibling, who has to be brought to the book and under surveillance; and have his functioning corrected and refined by resorting to all the ways and means that are available to the members of the family.

Yes, no family, however wonderful and cohesive it may be, can put up with a cantankerous sibling, who has to be invariably checked and reformed by adopting all the appropriate methods or methodologies that can be easily accessed and utilised by the other members of the family.

Indeed, no family, however worthy and holy it may be, can tolerate a spoilt brat within the family fold, who has to be no doubt fired and kept away, if all the techniques have miserably failed to bring about a nice and neat panacea to the burgeoning problem posed by such an irate person.

Truly, no family, however grand and well placed it may be, can cope with an incorrigible element within the expanse of the family circle, if all the varied efforts have been tried out and exhausted so as to make such a negatively tuned personality attune to the requirements of the family.

In short, no family, however decent or even well poised it may be, can indefinitely carry on their relationship with a family member who is possessing in a large measure some questionable credentials for too long and not at all falling in line with other members of the family brethren. 

In other words, no family worth its name can hazard to have its existence under peril by having a thoroughly dangerous kin within their precincts, especially after finding that their machinations have failed to deliver the desired results or remedy the troubles created by such an individual.

In fact, they are supposed to press into the action mode all other scary moves as well in order to finally make him get to the right tracks, ideally by having his wings clipped in a surgical fashion, with is most suited in the days of ‘Surgical Strikes’ and allied stuff like that, to say the least.

And this must be the apt approach; more particularly when a beleaguered family has to deal with a seemingly devilish part of the family who has unfortunately turned wayward and doing all sorts of untoward acts or has fallen in the way side, and it is a must for the family folks to do so.

Or else, it may further push the whole stinking issue going out of control; instead of getting to an amicable solution, and which may even produce far deeper wounds than anticipated due to anymore delay in acting firmly by a few family members who must take the lead in this context.

To put it differently, and that too in proper perspective, he has to be tamed, more specifically when his credibility is too far from being satisfactory and several dossiers have been brought to the notice of the senior members of the family with an intent to rectify and remedy the situation.

And the same illustration holds good for handling the case of an undesirable and notorious, if not a rogue State too, which has to be politically and diplomatically boycotted and isolated, by the world, or at least by the SAARC Nations, besides issuing economic sanctions against it.

And this perhaps serves as the right way to surgically treat and mend an erring and corrupt cum terror ridden Nation of sorts and thus bring about peace and amity among all the neighbouring countries, as in the case of the eight member SAARC, and other contiguous Nations also.

More so because, a couple of countries sharing the borders with it have often been very badly affected by the goings on in such a rogue Nation and by the varied commissions and omissions of the Government of that State, which has not acted in the welfare of other Nations around it.

Hence, it would be in the fitness of things, if such a country is socially neglected and ignored for a while by the world Nations, as that irresponsible country has allowed and even encouraged the ultras to use its soil to carry out terror attacks on the neighbouring peace loving states too.

In fact, they have inflicted a lot of damages to the neighbouring countries with the use of State Sponsored Terrorism and by indirectly permitting such acts of violence by non state actors who are being stage managed to carry terror attacks on such Nations who have been victims of it.

In a way, such a rogue country has to be considered and branded as an ‘untouchable’ even in the modern era, as it deserves to be condemned in such a manner, which can effectively be done by merely alienating it and kept it in seclusion for a while amongst the comity of Nations.

And this position of Pakistan is indefensible, as it is a driver of terrorism in more ways than one, especially in a civil society of Nations, which is notably bereft of any civility or conscience in its very existence, and in its character and conduct, behavior and attitude, to say the minimum.

Hence, it is relevant to state that the time to banish Pak from the amenable fraternity of Nations and seek its exclusion from all possible platforms of International congregation of Governments has arrived. thereby seal its movements diplomatically and not be allowed to turn up anywhere.

Technically speaking, such a Dark State cannot be allowed to operate as a Democracy when it is engaging itself in all types of violent acts and not abiding by any of the well established norms of Global civility and thus cannot be part of any worthy international forum, including SAARC !

Such a wrong example of a Nation in the modern context must even be debarred or suspended from participating in any of the developmental initiatives and be prevented to present its case in any forum, unless it falls in line and declares that it abhors violence and cuts its terror agenda.

It has to literally give up its tacit support to terrorism and provide credible evidence that it is no more involved in State sponsored terrorist activities and does not promote terror based outfits in its land or instigate such other ultras to operate from its terrain and use its infrastructure also.

Such a strict, stern and severe action against Pakistan shall invariably turn out and prove to be a simple and the most effective method of bringing an errand Nation to book, among the options available with less collateral damage caused in the process; as it must not impair other Nations.

It shall also send a clear message to other likeminded states in the world; as it would invoke and cause disqualification amongst the comity of nations, and more specifically as a caution or a warning to those who are having the practice of playing similar tunes and roles in the global turf.

Consequently, this specific short work of diplomatic endeavour surely shall not only go on to be a rude shock to Pakistan; but also serve as a deterrent to other Nations who are performing such similar acts in the realm of fostering terrorism in their lands and inflicting pain on others.

And this one vital move mooted in cohesion and in concurrence with one another by some of the key Members of the SAARC community will certainly hit the nail on the head of Pakistan for good, and it shall be a strategy that will be hailed as the best in the domain of Global Statecraft!

Ramesh N

The author of this write-up (N Ramesh) is a Chennai based Management Adviser, Trainer and a Healer who can be contacted at - who invites and openly welcomes constructive criticisms and creative suggestions in order to make this Article even more robust !

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