SAARC Sans Pak ! – Part – II

It is generally stated with a philosophical undertone that we just cannot choose our Biological Parents or our Siblings, but we can choose our friends and build up a relationship with them.

Yes, it is true that we cannot chose our Biological Father and Mother, but we can chose our spouse or rather a soul mate, and live an enduring and memorable life with such an individual.

Indeed, it is equally a fact of life that we cannot chose our Brothers or Sisters, leave alone our Cousins, but we can certainly chose our life partner and create a Home with such a person.

Truly, we cannot even chose our Biological Sons and Daughters, but we can definitely, to some extent, chose our colleagues and even bosses and work out a healthy relationship with them.

And so, walking on the same principle and extending it a little further for better clarity, we cannot chose our neighbours too, and in the same vein; we cannot create new neighbours either.

Similarly, is the case with the International Diplomacy in this modern world of ours, especially in the overall Political set up and the global context amongst the comity of Nations as of now.

The same thing practically holds good for certain countries which share their borders with other Nations, and hence they have to endure each other and tend to put up with one another.

And this one piece of truth is totally applicable as in the case of India and Pakistan, who were separated at birth by the sleight of hand on those fateful moments of destiny, as one calls it !

While one is well known to be a Peace Loving Country, the other is crossing all the boundaries of probity and fast becoming a ruffian or a Rogue State, by taking to violence in a big way.

They are resorting to all kinds of terrorist oriented activities and adopting all the channels of modern terrorism, whose mere presence severely impairs the very existence of others around it.

And they do it by supporting terrorist activities and allowing even non state actors to use its soil to perpetrate such acts of violence, which is absolutely deplorable and is unpardonable too.

They virtually empower certain terror outfits to also use its infrastructure as terror launch pads besides encouraging the same, which all needs to be no doubt condemned by one and all.

That is to say, if the Better Half of ours becomes a Bitter Half, we can call off the relationship and seek a divorce and extricate ourselves from the Institution of Marriage or the Wedlock.

But what about the relationship of siblings which has soured over the decades and which cannot be annulled or cancelled, unlike as in the case of a marital relationship which can be divorced.

In fact, even from the day of its birth, a lot of enmity and animosity was nursed and harboured with the smaller sibling trying to irritate the bigger one and inflict pain on the bigger brother.

And the trouble with each other has been invariably brewing and going on for too long a time with the smaller one trying its best to harm the bigger one at every conceivable opportunity.

Actually, this irritable neighbour should have been stubbed and silenced a very long time ago and easily too, but for the kind of better wisdom and restraint exercised by the biggest sibling.

In a way, such a nefarious and the diabolic smaller sibling with ulterior motives and malicious intentions could have been simply nipped in the bud, and put in place for all practical purposes.

But the Political Leaders at that time, for whatever reason that is best known to them, chose not to act that way and perhaps thought that the younger one would surely mend its ways in future.

To put it in proper perspective, the problems created and the tantrums put in by the younger brother could have been crushed decisively and the Big Brother could have put an end to it.

Even from the military angle, the Bigger one could have literally run over the smaller fry and could have invariably taught a fitting lesson to it  –  not to wrangle its tail anymore with anybody.

But unfortunately, the bigger one has so far given a very very long rope to the smaller brat and allowed him too long a time to reform or mend himself with the fond hope that it will abide by it.

And that was clearly and very consciously done with the shrewd use of discretion exercised all these decades and by developing consensus with all the regional powers around its geography.

By this wise way, India has not only complained to the United Nations but also raised this issue amongst the SAARC Nations, by which Pakistan is diplomatically told to behave itself properly.

In fact, the smaller one has waged a couple of wars with the bigger one and got a bad drubbing at the hands of the latter and the possibilities of such battles are not totally ruled out even now.

More so as habits die hard for the war mongers type of personality among the two, who have been engaged and involved in too much transgressions at the Line of Control in the borders.

And so, such a wrongly minded sibling has to be no doubt mended by firm action especially when we realize that it had brought discredit to the entire family too, i.e., of SAARC Countries !

Certainly, a strong action is needed now than ever, more specifically when it has been proved beyond all reasonable doubts that Pakistan has been perpetrating terror in the region till date.

Herein, I am not simply suggesting that this erring Nation has to be ostracized by SAARC in a way, but made to fall in line with the edicts enshrined in the charter of the SAARC fraternity !

That is to say, when a person can be disqualified to be a Director in a Joint Stock Company, a Nation can also be disqualified to be part of any such forum or even a community of Nations !

In this context, it is to be stated that when a Nation behaves in a strange fashion and refuses to cut down on its Terror Agenda, a firm and stern action is called for to reign in its role completely.

And this is all the more true when we find for sure that when a country is not obliging to budge an inch and keep away from Terrorising others, it has to be no doubt put into proper place.

Especially, when we all realize that such a Nation is endangering the peaceful coexistence of others around it, severe international action, sanctions and injunctions must be brought on it !

Ramesh N

The author of this write-up (N Ramesh) is a Chennai based Management Adviser, Trainer and a Healer who can be contacted at - who invites and openly welcomes constructive criticisms and creative suggestions in order to make this Article even more robust !

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