The passing away of two of the great personalities of Tamil Nadu within a space of 48 hours leaves the political scene in a state of uncertainty.

The political life of Selvi J Jayalalithaa can be split into three parts. The first part was when  Selvi J Jayalalithaa became the Chief Minister for the first time. That was the period when she established herself as ‘heir apparent’ to the matinee idol  and the founder of AIADMK , Dr M G Ramachandran. The victory , probably, went to her head and she presumed herself to be the ‘Queen of Tamil Nadu’. Even though her administrative capabilities were proven beyond doubt during those first five years of her Chief Minister-ship, she spoilt her name because of her arrogance and pompous lifestyle. The first period of 1991-96 was marked by good administration but bad behaviour. She lost the subsequent election

The second part is about how she recovered from the defeat and stitched a winning coalition  because of her uncanny ability. She learnt a lot of lessons during the period 1996-2001 and looked assured and confidant  when she took over the Chief Minister-ship for the second time in 2001. The period which followed brought the best of Selvi J Jayalalithaa and she showed her mettle in imparting good governance. She realised that she had to identify herself with the masses if she had to do good for the people , especially the poor and down trodden. This was the period when the people of Tamil Nadu started appreciating her and realised that ‘here is a person who can do good for the people ‘. Unfortunately, because of a minor miscalculation her party lost the next election to assembly in 2006, even though there was no anti-incumbency

The third part was when she became the Chief Minister for the fourth time in 2011 with a resounding victory against the back drop of harassment and deliberate humiliation meted out to her by the then ruling DMK which was trying to destroy her political future. By that time she had become a composed, matured and self-confidant person. She showed to the people that she was a true patriot but did not compromise the issues pertaining to the state of Tamil Nadu. Gaining in stature she became pro poor and showed excellent capacity to govern and administer the state in all departments. In 2016 she showed good business acumen and won the elections without coalition partners. Had she lived through the term she would have taken Tamil Nadu to the top of the table in industrialisation and education and excelled in other segments like agriculture

God decided otherwise and plucked the first positive person on 5th December 2016

The socio political life of Cho Ramaswamy  can be divided into two parts. The first part was when he decided to enter the field of stage plays. He wisely decided to stay away from the historical and social subjects but devised a new socio political subject for his stories/themes which had bearing on the deteriorating political atmosphere in the state. The stage plays which he wrote were refreshingly new to the audience and the political satires with meaningful dialogues brought the best out of him and showed his class to the Tamil people. He cashed in on the popularity of his stage plays and decided wisely to start a journal exclusively to cover the political atmosphere of the state and the country. He was an excellent political analyst and he made no bones about writing what he felt was right and would do good for the state/country . Even during Dr MGR’s days as Chief Minister , Cho did not enter the political scenes directly. He was always watching the political developments and commenting on their outcome from the ropes. He also successfully entered the tinsel world and drove his views on political atmosphere subtly and laced with humour

In the second part after the demise of Dr MGR, few political heavy weights realised the importance of Cho in the political arena and started looking at him for political mediations and adjustments. His political acumen gave him the skill to forecast which way the people were looking and could make predictions which were spot on. He was instrumental in the defeat of Selvi Jayalalitha in 1996 but quickly realised his mistake and made amends in 2001. Since he did not take sides nor was he biased, his political analysis were interesting and revealing. He was so forthright in his views and his judgements so faultless that his followers started looking at his suggestion for the choice of the candidates. When Selvi Jayalalitha died people of Tamil Nadu wanted Cho to guide them to the secure future.

But God decided otherwise and plucked the second positive person on 7th December 2016.

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