Where is Tamil Nadu heading!!!???

Bad time for Tamilnadu!

Do we want another leader over whom the sword of incarceration hangs?

The situation in Tamil Nadu has already worsened in the past few years. Added to this the emergence of Ms.Sasikala and her gang will lead us  to rock bottom.

Businesses are failing, government schemes becoming less effective. Through the Jayalalithaa years, the different arms of the states saw their freedom stunted, and a single-window system created for decision-making. That coupled with Jayalalithaa’s journey in and out of jail, there was an atmosphere of policy uncertainty and fear. With Jayalalithaa gone and Karunanidhi too ill, the state of Tamil Nadu needs leadership, which reaffirms its Dravidian roots, protects federal interests and promises long-term stability.

She has neither been elected nor has been a public campaigner. She has no experience in dealing with officials and politicians through official channels, where processes and protocol matter, not just loyalty. Understanding the nitty-gritties of government comes with holding official posts over a period of time, and she hasn’t.

She still stands accused in the Disproportionate Assets (DA) case, and in the past, she has even talked about taking all the blame to herself to protect Jayalalithaa in the case. With the Supreme Court still seized of the matter and set to pronounce the final verdict, the uncertainty over her freedom is an even bigger concern for the state.

Jayalalithaa was notorious for being opaque, maintaining a shroud of secrecy over what happens in Fort St George and Poes Garden. In her death is an opportunity for the people of the state to look towards a leader who is more accessible, takes decisions with transparency and is open to criticism and questioning.

Sasikala is highly likely to go the Jayalalithaa way, perhaps worse. Having seen the advantage of zero communication from close quarters, an iron curtain will continue to cover the government affairs of Tamil Nadu.

With her family in tow, a Sasikala government is likely to be a heady mix of Jayalalithaa-style authoritarianism and DMK-style family-driven plunder. [of course a Dravidian party rule!!!].

If Jayalalithaa’s funeral is anything to go by, the Sasikala family will be all over the government and the party. They have already penetrated every layer of the government machinery, but the fear of Jayalalithaa’s iron hand landing on their heads was alive. But with her gone, they could end up plundering with impunity, fearless of consequences, as the godmother of the family is the head of ADMK.

Lastly, there are also concerns of a battle breaking out on caste lines, with Sasikala being widely assumed to also represent her community’s interests.

Is there anyone in the state who could then lead Tamil Nadu under the present dispensation?

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  1. Vaiko can be a choice as he has experience in leading a break away party, knows Tamil Nadu politics, known for fighting for the cause of Tamilnadu, mass leader and acceptable to BJP at the Centre as well as devoid of dynasty rule fear and big family domination over his party. But he needs to sharpen his diplomacy, extreme views, pro LTTE label etc.,.

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