Mankind protests! Dedicated to Rajaji

American President elect Mr. Trump has recently made a controversial statement on the nuclear weapons. It is not surprising to hear such controversial statements from him as we are used to it from him. He says something only to change it later, clearly proving his fickle mindedness. However this one regarding the nuclear weapons need to be condemned very strongly.

The world has witnessed only two nuclear bombs, both used by USA on Japan during end of the hiroshimasecond world war. From then on USA and the then USSR started building up nuclear weapons and slowly many countries joined the club – France, China, etc. Today India, Pakistan and even Iran too have the nuclear capable missile and nuclear bombs.

Unfortunately the world has not realised the negative potential of piling up nuclear weapons. On the one had it is very very difficult to destroy any nuclear weapon but the most important and dangerous side is the nuclear weapong going into the hands of terror organisations or mindless dictator. The world has witnessed many such people occupying top post in many parts in the past. There is no guarantee that such kind of persons will not take control of some parts of the world in future. More over there is another element called the greed of the humans.

Today for political purposes and for military balancing, as a measure to counter balance the enemy might, all the countries are trying to either develop or increase their nuclear weapons. America should take the full blame for nuclear spreading to many countries. 

It was in the 1962, Rajaji led a peace mission on behalf of Gandhi Peace Foundation, to meet the then US President John Kennedy to impress him the need to stop producing nuclear weapons and destroy the existing weapons. Although the meeting originally scheduled for about 10 minutes went on for 45 minutes and Kennedy postponing all his other engagements only to listen to Rajaji, the main objective of the anti-nuclear campaign did not succeed. On his way back from US, Rajaji met USSR President and he agreed NOT to test nuclear weapons on land [at least a small success]. If only US had agreed, USSR also would have agreed at that time to remove all nuclear weapons. Only to counter the US, USSR had not committed to destroying their nuclear weapons but agreed to test only in the sea. On the request of Rajaji, Pope too issued a statement against nuclear weapons.

rjajikennedyIn 1954, during US Vice-President Richard Nixon‘s nineteen country Asian tour, he was lectured by Rajagopalachari on the consuming emotional quality of nuclear weapons. The pair discussed spiritual life, particularly reincarnation and predestination. Nixon wrote three pages of notes recording Rajagopalachari’s words, claiming in his memoirs thirty-six years later that the afternoon “had such a dramatic effect on me that I used many of his thoughts in my speeches over the next several years.

While on a tour to the United States of America as a member of the Gandhi Peace Foundation delegation, in September 1962 Rajagopalachari visited American President John F. Kennedy at the White House. Rajagopalachari warned Kennedy of the dangers of embarking on an arms race, even one which the US could win. At the end of the meeting Kennedy remarked “This meeting had the most civilizing influence on me. Seldom have I heard a case presented with such precision, clarity and elegance of language”. On 1 May 1955, Rajagopalachari appealed to the Government of India to cancel receipt of aid from America if the country continued with its nuclear tests.

50+ years have gone and today many more countries have developed nuclear weapons. The world is full of nuclear and the mankind is not safe.

Instead of giving a peaceful livable world, we are going to handover a world with uncertain feature to our next generations. 

Considering all this, it is important to condemns and oppose Mr. Trump’s statement on increasing the US nuclear weapons. This will only lead to further piling up nuclear weapons around the world. 

It is not the RIGHT of only the handful countries to possess nuclear weapons. If they think they have the right, they are morally wrong too. Every country will then start developing nuclear weapons.

It is time the world leaders agree on [1]  putting a full stop to nuclear weapons [2] destroying existing nuclear weapons. If all this has to happen United Nation [UN] needs more independence from the so called super power countries.

I think mankind should protest against nuclear and I am sure wisdom will prevail world leaders, particularly people like Trump.

Mankind protest! Mankind needs peace!!

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