Chennai Rain – Nature reminds again its authority

The world is discussing the topics Climate Change, Global Warming, etc for the last several years without realising the fact that the nature is always superior than humans. I say this because the discussion on global warming is centered around in controlling and or to eliminate the effect of the pollution and NOT removing the source of pollution. We are the cause of pollution and creators. We create it, struggling to destroy it.

Is it possible to control nature? Is it possible to stand before nature’s might? Every rainy season remind us that we can not.

It is always been a tussle between development vs nature. Indeed, right from Mahabharath period this is what is being told. The so called modern science, which may be maximum 150 years old, is trying to invent, learn and adopt to the nature in every possible way. But unfortunately many of such inventions by modern science could not be reversed such easily and in fact our own inventions are standing before us like “basmasura”. Plastic and Chemical Fertilisers are some fine examples.

This land, Bharatha Desam, is known for not only ancient culture but also for science. For millions of years, we have been living along side nature, enjoying all the pleasures. We have had aeroplane kind of this, we have had nuclear technology, we have had medical science technology, we have had anything and everything today’s science is still trying to figure out. Even we have had cloning technology. Careful reading of Ramayana and Mahabharata shows us all the proof.

This shows we should, as for as possible, try to live with the nature. Our inventions and developments should not damage the basic structure of the nature. And we should think beyond present time and see through future to ascertain whether the so called today’s invention will sail through tomorrow. Take the case of polythene covers and plastics. Without even applying our mind, just considering the cost along, the entire world has switched over from metal to plastic. Cars, Washing Machines, Mobiles, Lap top, Computers, Fan, Packaging etc etc everything is plastic now. And we are struggling to destroy plastic waste!!!! We are producing the waste and struggling to destroy it!!!

If only we had applied our mind properly……. Yes, I believe if we had applied our mind properly, not just from the science perspective, but also from the other side, we would have realised the evil effect of plastic as well as fertiliser. This is where our ancient Rishis and Sages have scored. They were not just Rishis but also scientists. Yes, most of the them had the nuclear technology, missile technology, medical science and other knowledge. At least that is what I believe going by Ramayana and Mahabharatha.

Coming back to current period, tThere are conflicting opinions on the source of pollution or global warming or climate change. The Automobiles, Power plants, Industries, Chemical plants, etc etc. Can we live without automobiles? Can we live without Electricity? Obviously none of the so called groups that oppose these developments in the name of saving nature can agree. In fact they are depending on electricity & mobiles to spread their message! I must confess I can not live entirely without automobiles and electricity. But I can without plastic? We can without plastic?

At the same time the fact is there will be some impact on the nature due to any development. Newton’s law says “There will be Equivalent and Opposite Reaction to Every Action”.

In Mahabharatha, the same “Equivalent and Opposite Reaction” theory is emphasised in many places. Is there a way to either conver this “equivalent and opposite reaction” to “equivalent and supportive reaction”? I believe it is possible in at least few areas.

So what is the solution? I am planning to write a detailed analysis in the next post.

Meantime, it is a fact that the heavy rains in Chennai during the last 3 or 4 days have not done much damage thanks to the good work done by the authorities, particularly after 2015 misery.

Streets were full of water stagnation but it drained after the rain stopped in many places. All the newspapers are blowing up this issue as if nothing has happened which is not true. They must know 50 years of misrule and mismanagement can not be corrected in one year.

Kudos to the authorities!

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