Exiting virtual-visual world

I have stopped subscribing to newspapers in February 2017 and ever since I haven’t bought any newspaper.   I could reduce time watching TV debates and discussions in Indian news channels.  And today I am more at peace.

What I want from the newspapers, the ‘real news and analysis’ couldn’t be found in them, in the recent years. As they changed their understanding and approach to publishing and NEWS itself, it evolved as a product with little meaning for many, at least for me!

I have uninstalled Whatsapp from my primary mobile and moved it to a secondary phone which I operate once in a while. I have tried to exit from the Facebook, but could not succeed. After temporarily deleting my Facebook account, I have to restart it a number of times. I hope I will soon be successful in exiting from the Facebook.

In order to keep abreast with the news and information around, a transistor radio can help me. But its availability in the market has come down.  And whatever information that is needed for any professional purpose, I could depend on internet, through a Google search and e-libraries.

An interesting aspect or impact of incorporating these changes in my is a realization that one cannot expect people and services to respond as instant as that is in the virtual world. I start to believe that instant reliefs, instant solutions and fast resolution of all our problems, as that is often seen in the virtual-visual world, is not real, and it’s unreal.  More human interactions, face to face conversations and more real life experiences are that what I am looking for.

As I gradually exit and keep away from virtual – visual realities, I hope, I would get more time for learning new things, interact with more people, and travel more, reading more books life turning much more meaningful.

I may be driving opposite the traffic direction, but then I may have much more peace within me!

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