Sardar Patel, Rajaji et al

Just because Sardar Patel was a Gujarati, he could not become Prime Minister of India. The reason, Mahatma Gandhi was also a Gujarati…
Just because Rajagopalachary was a Tamilian and added to that a Brahmin, he could not become the first Prime Minister of India…
Added to these two warriors and shrewd men who could have handled the situation in India at the time of Independence from the British much better, there were two more who were eligible stalwarts who understood India well. They were, Acharya Kripalani and ‘Nightingale’ Sarojini Naidu.
Unfortunately, as is its wont, Sardar Vallabhai Patel and Sarojini Naidu died within three years of independence. They were considered as very great souls by all the Indians, especially Hindus during the freedom struggle. And then after Independence they were forgotten, even by the Congress party!
Seventy years have passed, and as destiny would have it, few from the patriotic RSS started celebrating Sardar Patel and eulogized his immortal qualities. Modiji took the cue and in no time patronaged the iron man of India and announced a 200 feet statue to come up in Gujarat.
Congress was stunned. Congressmen never looked beyond Nehru family for leadership and over a period developed a cloak of invincibility. Years passed and the cloak was torn to pieces. Now they realize that they lost Sardar Patel because they were, all along, callously biased towards Nehru family. But the degeneration was palpable. From a great Statesman, Jawaharlal Nehru to shrewd and daring lady Indira Gandhi to reasonably honest Rajeev Gandhi to now gullible Rahul Gandhi, the Congress partly has travelled downhill from Mount Everest to St Thomas Mount
But it is not complete. In the days to come, it can be expected that the patriots of RSS will grab and patronage the giants Rajagopalachari, Acharya Kripalani and Sarojini Naidu and spell out the glory of these persons. BJP, especially Modiji will also pounce on the opportunity and celebrate these giants
And true to its ineptness, Congress will stare at the missed opportunities and will repeatedly ask his supporters like Gopal Krishna Gandhi, Manu Singhvi to write articles in leading News Papers, how BJP is hijacking erstwhile congress leaders.

by Gopalan Krishnan.

The author is a retired scientist of ISRO. He has a keen interest in lesser known Indian, especially Tamil patriots and scientists

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