Spirtuality & Politics are not mutually exclusive – Yogi Adityanath

The following is an excellent translation of a recent editorial penned by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, which appeared recently in the Hindi Daily Dainik Jagran.
It is indeed a thought-provoking article that stands out for its clarity in thought, brevity in expression and strength and integrity of the person.
The wonderful translation is by a young Dharmic rashtravadin Ms. Ritika Sharma
Translation of Yogi Adityanath ji’s speech as reported by Dainik Jagran. The link to the original Dainik Jagran Article is here

Dharma makes us pro good behavior and moral values. Individuals and society both rest on dharma. Cannot link dharma just to rituals of worship, sect or religion. Dharma is one. You can call it human dharma or if you want to give it broader global look, it’s Sanatana dharma. Others aren’t dharma, they are sects and cults that don’t come in the league of dharma. Please link all pervasive dhaaranaatmak system to dharma.
Secularism word has caused immense destruction to nation. Secularism term is biggest lie post independence. System or setup, when not pro any sect or cult or religion, but moves ahead by being pro all panth with samabhaava, only then it is ideal.
Dharma is synonymous with duty, sadaachara and moral values. If any system is made devoid of these, it will become akarmanya. What is a system without sadaachara? It’s duraachaar only. What is a system without values? Paapaachaar only. All Movable and immovable things in this universe have their own dharma. If vaayu or jala doesn’t abide by its dharma can any system function?
Everyone has own worship rituals and processes. We cannot force our faith on others. I put Tilak, many people may not like it. Many may like it. But I say this karmakaand has scientific basis and so I wear Tilak. Three main naadi that balance our bodies Ida, Pingala and Sushmana, the convergence point is on forehead. The place where opposing Tattva meet – energy gets produced. This energy should be used in right manner, should be channeled inwards, and should be used for social good. Adhyaatmik energies get used for aadhyaatmik welfare, therefore we wear Tilak. Not just an aesthetic symbolic thing, it’s related to our spiritual energies and our karmakaand. Cannot call this superstition.
But yes, the orthodoxy and fraud in the name of karmakaand should be stopped. We grow Tulsi at home. Growing Tulsi is not fraud or imposting. There is dengue now, whoever drinks Tulsi concoction daily will stay saved (immunity wise..) Many people will object to Tulsi buy it’s not fraud or orthodoxy. Many people keep choti, many have problem even with that. But it’s not showing off or fraud. It’s Sanatana parampara and there has scientific basis. Why do we tie raksha sutra? It’s not show off. Ayurveda has vata, pitta, kapha mainly. Any vaidya sees balance of this first. Raksha sutra is related to it. Many ppl tie it differently based on their understanding.
Our dharma is Sanatana. It’s aadi dharma. It is functional since the universe. There cannot be any fanaticism in it. But it is strange to expect that someone slaps me on one cheek and I forward my other cheek too to him. That is cowardice. If someone slaps, it’s answer should be given in same language. Society should aim to be Purushaarthi and not cowardly.
Bhagvan Rama never wanted that there be war, but he had to pick weapons. Bhagvan Krishna also did not want Mahabharata to happen. Even after attempts by Duryodhana to arrest, he did not close the doors to negotiations. But Mahabharata did take place and he unwillingly had to take up Astra in that.
How much ever we want to find solutions to terrorism through peace, but eventually we request and motivate our security forces to pick weapons. We cannot impose it on liberty/ liberalism/generosity of Sanatana dharma. Generosity, tolerance, respect is for gentle folks, not for durjana.
Durjana are obstructions in the path of social development, they attack national interest, challenge the unity and akhandata, these folks will never be won over by peace. They need to be made to understand through the ways that they understand.
The goals of politics and dharma are similar. When goals are opposing, one is south pole other North, then that’s problematic. Here goals of both is to move ahead on the path of social development. Satta /power is not a thing of upabhoga. Power is a medium of lokakalyaan. As an Acharya of a peetha I too have joined this kalyaankari movement. There dharma is a medium and here politics is a medium.
Dharma and politics are complimentary, and not contrary forces. We need to understand this that dharma is a long-term politics and politics is a short term dharma. Both cannot be separated. Those that accuse Bharata of being intolerant, they sell their buddhi and commercialize it. There is no jati or sect – religion that India did not give shelter to.
Prophet Mohammad never came to Bharata, but during his time first mosque was built in Bharata. Hindu kings constructed first church here. Parsi community got saved by coming to Bharata. Isreal keeps an emotional attachment towards Bharata.
A Communist ex CM of Kerala had written in a Malayalam patrika that when Communist movement started in Bharata, it was said Bharata is not one nation but a community of many nation states. 1946-47 when the independence talks were on, communists again said how can ‘one’ Bharata attain independence. Bharateeya have different nationality.
But later on he agreed that when he went to Hindu dharma sthal and peetha spread all over Bharata then he thought that I am from the same Kerala from where a sanyasi went and established four peetha in four corners of Bharata. In the end he agreed that the biggest failure of communist movement has been that they never considered Bharata to be one nation.
Who did not understand Bharateeya parampara, those who lick foreign leftovers to run their homes they talked about intolerance but that has failed. Today in Kerala Hindu is terrorized. There is gundagardi by communists and the scenes of barbarism are chilling. During padayatra I met more than a dozen people who lost their hands or legs. How can those people talk about intolerance?
These days CM residence is being cleaned so people have objections even to that they see bhagva in everything. Rays from Bhagvan Surya are also bhagva. Will they be changing the color of the fire cook their food in?


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