Why Navjot Singh Sidhu is wrong! Friend or Foe

Former Indian Cricketer and currently a Minister in the Punjab State has recently visited Pakistan on the invitation of Former Pakistan Cricket Captain and the new Prime Minister of that Country, Imran Khan, for his oath taking ceremony. The invitation was not official but personal, as Sidhu himself claimed.

Sidhu claims he has visited as a cricketer friend of Imran Khan and rightly Sidhu as an individual can visit as a personal friend. But he is  a Minister in a State, Punjab, and as per the guidelines and the oath he has taken, his duty as a minister comes first…..

Sidhu claims he visited Pakistan as a personal friend of the new Pakistan PM and he was seated in the first row, which he was not aware until seated. He also claims the Pakistan Army Chief hugged him as he was seated in the first row.

We have no issue whether Sidhu has hugged anybody there or seated in the first row or last row.

But the moment Sidhu start blah blahing about the ‘intentions’ of the new Pakistan PM and what the Pakistan Army Chief said while hugging him, that is where we have difference of opinion.

Sidhu said they want peace. Peace with whom? Who is Sidhu to say this?

First of all as a Minster Sidhu must have got the permission to visit Pakistan, that too for the oath taking ceremony of its new PM. We fail to understand how permission has been given by both the Punjab Chief Minister and the GoI, both of which are mandatory. We are not aware whether Sidhu requested permission as personal friend or as a Minister!

We have an External Affairs Ministry working under a Cabinet Minister and we have a team working on foreign policy and international relationship.

Sidhu, went to Pak as a friend, should return as a friend and keep quiet. The best answer would have been “Went as a friend, returned….. Somebody hugged me, I just reciprocated….. Wished Imran Khan”…. That’s all…. Sidhu do not have any moral and or legal right to talk about peace and Indo-Pak relationship. The moment he start blah blahing about this, there starts the controversy.

And he has clearly proved his mental capability by comparing the then Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee visiting Pakistan and the present Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s un scheduled trip to Lahore!!! What Sidhu is trying to say? Is it not foolish??

Nobody stopped Sidhu from visiting Pakistan as a personal friend. He was not there as the official representative of India…. He can hug anybody there, wish Imran Khan, join them for a lunch or dinner and come back…. That;s all….

Sidhu said Pakistan Army Chief wanted peace with India!!!! What a joke? If they want peace, they should talk to Government of India – the External Affairs Minister or the Indian Prime Minister, NOT with Sidhu….

Knowing fully well the facts how and why Sidhu is blah blahing?? Simple….. Like any half baked politician, he too need lime light….. Our media people are always waiting to encourage such half baked people by publishing all nonsense [https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/navjot-sidhu-on-row-over-hugging-pak-army-chief-he-talked-about-peace-what-followed-was-an-emotional-1903760].

  1. Why Sidhu should not be sacked?
  2. Why NDTV reported what Sidhu said [refer the boave link] without even questioning his rights? NDTV not even reminded Sidhu that he has visited Pak as a friend and not as the official representative.
  3. Why NDTV or any other press did not even condemn the irrelevant comparison made by Sidhu?

Sidhu visited Pakistan as a old friend of Imran Khan and returned as a Foe!!

Whatever political difference one might have with the Punjab Chief Minister, one thing is sure… Captain Amarinder Singh, being retired captain of Indian Army, we all have respect for him…. I am sure as the current Chief Minister of Punjab he is aware of the duties and responsibilities of his ministers…. It is well within the rights of the Chief Minister to sack Sidhu….

Sack Sidhu!



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