Welcome to Swatantra Magazine

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the re-launched Swatantra Magazine.

I have been entrusted with managing the health care section of Swatantra magazine and the health care initiatives of ‘Siru Thuli Peru Vellam’ (STPV, a Swatantra Forum initiative). It will be my endeavour to fulfill my responsibilities to the fullest of my capabilities.

In terms of achieving good health, we face many challenges – stressful lifestyles, changes in dietary patterns, exposure to newer disease and resurgence of older ones, to name a few. In India, we also have a significant gap in terms of requirement vs availability of health services – both with respect to quality and quantity.

Though the challenges are manifold, it is my belief that the underlying principles in terms of addressing these challenges remain unchanged, i.e., many health issues can be avoided or their magnitude mitigated with increased awareness amongst the public. For e.g. awareness of the appropriate diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a significant difference to managing non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases.

Therefore, we intend to have a two-pronged focus: a) increase health awareness – through Swatantra magazine and b) lend a helping hand to groups, institutions that provide quality health care at an affordable cost – through STPV.
Our aim is to achieve these goals while retaining the overall vision of Rajaji, i.e. through a combination of traditional and modern conservatism.

Look forward to all your best wishes.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Swatantra Magazine

    1. Many thanks Sir!
      Look forward to your continued encouragement in the future.


  1. There is need to promote other forms of treatment like Ayurveda and Homeopathy to the general Public.These two have a great history but today’s patient wants instant relief without worrying about aftereffects, some of which can be highly damaging. We have heard about the development of immunity to drugs due to long usage. There is an offshoot of Homeopathy called as Tautopathy where the same drug is prepared as per Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and it acts on the patient. Similarly if a person is allergic to certain food item, the resistance can be developed in the person by giving a homeopathic dose of the same. Isn’t it fascinating?

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