Pranaams  to my parents. And to the Sages and stalwarts of the Nation. And also to the revered Gurus and teachers of the country.  To the Patriots of India.  And to the warriors who fought the British, the French and the  Dutch. To the Army , Navy and the Air-force who guard our frontiers. And to the Scientists , Engineers and the Technologists who are the pride of our Nation.

Pranaams to our Farmers who feed our Nation. And to the intellectuals who carry our flag to other countries. To the entrepreneurs and the industrialists who boost the economy and provide jobs to the millions

Pranaams to our Nobel Laureates and the world champions who make our country count. And to the religious leaders who guide our path. And to the doctors who take care of our lives

Pranaams to our Vedas and Shastras

Pranaams to millions of Indian readers who will subscribe and read Swatantra the magazine, which is being started to infuse good thoughts and deeds in the days to come which in turn will pave way for good, honest and corrupt-free Governments

Maatha Pitha Abhi Vandanam: Purva Acharya Abhi Vandanam

G Krishnan

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