Need for Swatantra Magazine

Dear Responsible Citizens,

Greetings! I am extremely happy to note the response from the readers for our newly launched Swatantra Magazine online. I have the duty to clarify the need for our magazine as some of you might have this on your mind.

There are already thousands of magazines and televisions in every format, print or digital and there are thousands and thousands of blogs. All of you must be wondering what difference Swatantra can make!

Yes. Of course, we would like to.

Consciously our team has decided that we should focus on Responsible Citizenry & Good Governance and Minimum Government & Maximum Governance. That means, as for as possible, all our articles and analysis will be done with the above as our guiding factors.

To achieve our goal we have added a new section called “CITIZENS FORUM” which I am sure will make us different from others. This is the platform where Responsible Citizens and Resident Associations can engage in meaningful & intellectual discussions to find long term self sustainable solutions for civic issues and public related issues. Our Swatantra team will bridge the citizens and administrators to find a solution. Instead of just blaming and or highlighting the issues, our SWATANTRA will work along with both the citizens & administrators to find a solution.

After all, this is the role of a Responsible Citizen!

I look forward to each and every one of you to join us in our efforts and also share the details with your friends and contacts.

Looking forward to work with you and hope we will succeed!

CS. Ram.

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