Inter-State Relationship & Linguistic based States

After Independence in 1947, until 1952 the leaders at that time were dreaming about a Nation with prosperity and happiness in the life of its citizens. The year 1952 saw the first slip when Andhra Pradesh state was formed bifurcating the then Madras state. This was the first state formed on linguistic base. Rajaji, the then Chief Minister of united Madras opposed this bifurcation but the fate had something else in store. Rest were history. Today Indian states are getting bifurcated further and further on the linguistic base for political and other considerations conveniently putting back the welfare of the country and its citizens.

The argument that a small state is easily manageable is not true. With Pyramid based political leadership structure – Central & State and MPs, MLAs and down to Councillor level – with proper Responsibility & Power mix the desired results can be achieved without even bifurcating the states.

Unfortunately most of today’s inter state problems are only due to the linguistic based structure of the states. If the states were bifurcated on the basis of natural & mineral wealth, things could have been different. But without considering those factors states were bifurcated. In spite of the overall fact the rich natural & mineral wealth, some states are still struggling to get even water. [Same applicable to districts within a state].

For India to prosper economically, culturally and to lead the world peacefully in the coming decades, as was the case few centuries back, what we need to do is to re-visit the state structure.

India may not need more than 6 or 8 states.This was what Rajaji opined and this is what we do believe.

Will this happen! I am sure the future generations will realise this and certainly achieve this. This is the only way for us to economically prosper same time preserve our natural wealth.

Bifurcation of states would certainly weak the Country in both political and cultural fronts. Moreover it will only lead to more and more expenses on the one side – which is against the Minimum Government & Maximum Governance – and will lead to destroying natural environment on the other side, as every small state would like to have their own share of industry. The wrong economic policies of the past together with huge gap between the lower income & upper income group have resulted in people opting for industry related jobs ignoring farming and other nature based business / jobs. The urgent need is to control the overall expenditure of the Central & State Governments, which is the only way to reduce tax. Re-visiting this area and try to merge states would certainly help our country in the medium to long term.

This will also help sideline the regional political outfits and strengthen the National parties. India may not need more than three parties. Though I strongly oppose Left policies, considering various situations that may arise, it is good for the country to have a some what strong left to have a check on the other two main parties.

Today this may not be possible. But, I am sure it is going to happen in the next few years or decades. It must happen for the good of India.

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