About Us

Few right thinking friends started a Forum called Swatantra Forum few years back with an objective to create awareness on issues of public importance. We have tried our best to achieve our goal and met with moderate success.

We are also part of few Non-Profit organisations involved in similar activities and we found the meaningful discussions and debates on such important topics were attended by very few people. It is very important to bring this before the entire country men and we have decided digital medium is the right way to achieve this. Thus born the idea of web TV and online Magazine.

Swatantra Magazine www.swatantramag.in and Swatantra TV www.swatantra.tv, promoted by Swatantra Media & Publishing, are in to online magazine and web TV at present.

The objective is to create awareness on important issues of National & International importance and to bring to the viewers nationalistic views and engage in discussions that are required for the development of this country and to provide quality & meaningful content both in the political and entertainment side.

We believe that the country can progress only if the citizens are responsible and the administrators are good in governance. Therefore Responsible Citizenry & Good Governance is our mission.

We also believe Minimum Government, Maximum Governance only can provide a Good Governance and hence this will be our guiding factor.

We have plans to come out with print version in the near future. Also we have plans to venture in to publishing and development of digital content.